Premium Profits From Affordable Housing
Millions Of Australians Desperately Want Affordable Housing, But Property Investors Remain Focused On Traditional Houses & Apartments. Discover How You Can Profit By Getting In Early On The Affordable Housing Trend...
Discover The High Income Real Estate Opportunities In Affordable Housing
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Thursday, July 5th

8:00PM (Syd/Melb/Brisbane Time) /
7:30PM (Adelaide Time)
6:00PM (Perth Time)

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Just 90 mins to discover opportunities and get all your questions answered.

Ian Ugarte

Creator of the High Income Real Estate System and advocate for affordable housing
What You Will Learn In This Webinar:
What's Wrong With Typical Property Investing Strategies Today?
Almost all property investors are stuck in the habit of providing one type of property for tenants. Find out why this doesn't suit the needs of a large segment of the market that has been completely overlooked by almost all investors.
How To Make Healthy Returns By Providing Affordable Housing
Only certain specific types of properties suit the affordable housing market. Discover what they are, which states & cities are suitable for each type and how to invest in the type of affordable housing that you decide to focus on.
Real Case Studies
Investing in affordable housing can produce high returns when done right, certainly higher than is typical for regular residential housing. See real examples from Ian's clients, showing the types of properties, the strategies used and the financial returns earned.
What's Gone Wrong In The Housing Market?
The Australian housing market has a huge disconnect between supply and demand:

A million Australian households face mortgage stress, as they struggle to pay off homes that are too expensive for their incomes.

Millions more Australians can't even get into the housing market to begin with. The price of homes has risen so far and so fast that their efforts to save for a deposit are falling further behind.

This is a huge potential market that most property investors are ignoring. Instead, they're continuing to buy more of the same and are all competing for the same group of tenants.

A huge opportunity awaits property investors who are early to pick up on this growing trend.
Demand is huge and supply is tiny, since very few property investors are even thinking about affordable housing today.

The best news is that "affordable" doesn't have to mean "low profits" for investors. Quite the opposite, in fact.

With the right strategy, your investment in affordable housing can produce higher returns than you'd ever see from traditional property investing.

This webinar series will show you how the affordable housing market works, where to generate the best returns and how to get started.

Every property investor who wants positive cashflow from their investments and likes having lots of tenants competing for every property, should look into affordable housing.
This webinar is for you, if...
  • You already own an investment property and want to escape the negative gearing trap
  •  You want to invest in a type of property which is strongly in demand from tenants
  •  You hate your job, or you love it but want to leave anyway, so you need a way to replace your income through property investing
  •  You're an Investor wanting to grow your portfolio quickly
  • You like the idea of doing good in the community at the same time as you make money, and providing affordable housing to people who need it appeals to you
Webinar series dates & topics
  • Increase your Earning Potential
  • Small is the New Big
  • Multi-generational Living
  • Affordable Housing
  • How to Make It Work for You
The Webinar will be held at 8:00pm AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne time), which is 7:00pm in Brisbane and 5:00pm in Perth.

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About Your Presenter

Ian Ugarte

Ian is a full-time property investor, who’s successfully combined financial success in real estate with a social conscience and doing good in the community at the same time. He is Australia’s leading micro apartment, rooming house and boarding house specialist, leading a movement to make these types of affordable housing available to people on limited incomes.

He’s an unstoppable serial entrepreneur, who has launched 23 businesses in the last 23 years. He holds 7 worldwide patents on sustainability and wastewater treatment, and sits on the board of the Future Housing Taskforce, where he’s helping to decrease the cost of housing and tackle the growing shortage of affordable housing.

Ian is working to shrink average building footprints and increase building density. He firmly believes that only private investors, not government, can meet the demand for affordable housing and he teaches property investors how to do exactly that and make healthy returns in the process.

Ian has presented to 105,000 people at his live events in the last 7 years, sharing his expertise in the property development, property investing and personal development fields. He’s driven by a passion to see others succeed and achieve their dreams, with their loved ones by their side.
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