Each HI RES student is encouraged to bring their confirmed partner (either married or defacto, family member or approved business partner). If you select more than one ticket above we will send you a link to complete details for your partner.
If you are not bringing your bootcamp partner please select Not Applicable otherwise select the bootcamp partner relationship to the main student.
Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning
An exclusive program where you’ll get property experts Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning to help you accelerate your HI RES learning’s. You will have access to Ian and Christine through face to face and online learning over the next 12 months. They will guide you and others through, step-by-step and assist you in achieving massive results with the Hi Res system in a small intimate group...


Over 12 months, you’ll get together with other participants in the Mastermind plus Ian and Christine where you’ll have the opportunity to brainstorm, network and keep up to date with all the latest techniques, purchasing opportunities, deals and results. These events will run in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane throughout the year. Day 1 will take you through deals step by step with local teams and professionals. Day 2 will focus on your WHOLE Life Experience with special guests that help Ian and Christine achieve and maintain success.


With a small and intimate group like this one, dynamic and action-orientated individuals, Ian and Christine will facilitate and bring deals to the table that have possible investment opportunities for all. Want to be involved in the type of deals Ian and Christine complete? Here is your chance.


There will be a webinar on the second and fourth of every month! Ian and Christine will take you through the process and procedures of due diligence, feasibility, design and every step you do not know yet and this allows everyone to learn. This is a big one!


If you’ve got a quick question you need to ask Ian and Christine? You’ll be able to access them via the private Facebook Mastermind group. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to solve any problem you might have along your journey to HI RES success. Quick, easy and fast. Ian and Christine will take you through things such as your own design and Christine will help with some numbers.
Including Partner
  • $300 Deposit Due on Application (Fully refundable on unsuccessful applications)
  • 12 Month Program
  • Exclusive Fortnightly Webinars
  • HI RES Investment JV Opportunities
  • Exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group
Do you...
Need guided assistance in implementing your HI RES learnings ?
Want help to actualise your property investment and life goals?
Want exclusive access to Ian and Christine and industry experts?
Feel like there are things that you need to fine tune / delve into further?
Want to be part of a group catapulting their WHOLE life success?
Most business owners and investors work hard just surviving. Or they make a lot of money and lose it, which wreaks havoc on their peace of mind, health and relationships.

If only they knew what was preventing them from achieving the wealth they deserve. Then they could bridge the entrepreneurial gap between failure and freedom, giving them more financial resources to take care of their families and follow their passions.

This is what we call an entrepreneurial or investor blind spot.
Kick Your Self-Saboteurs In The Butt!
It’s not what you know, it’s what you don’t know… those hidden subconscious, limiting beliefs, attitudes, habits and self-talk (negative childhood imprints), that can ultimately sabotage your wealth and success…

Keeping you stuck, stressed and working hard striving for more for your family… 

Living what seems like groundhog day and a mediocre life rather than the extraordinary life of your dreams.

Whether you realise it or not… this is the ONE thing standing between where you are now, and where you want to be.
So how do you break free from whatever is blocking your success and learn to overcome it once and for all?

And open the floodgates to an abundance of wealth, success, happiness, health, great relationships and fulfilment.
The Difference That Makes The Difference
The neuro-science based tool used in WHOLE Mastermind highlights your motivations, attitudes, preferences and blind spots.  
This helps you to identify what's preventing you from having more wealth, better health, time and freedom to take care of your family, live your passion, and give back without sacrificing your health or relationships.

When starting or building your property portfolio, it’s often thought to be a simple process. Well the good news is it can be - if you have the key motivations, skills sets and the right strategy. If you don’t, then investing in property can be scary, daunting and difficult with an all pervading fear of loss.
You’ll start to become more confident in yourself and your abilities.
You’ll feel more motivated to work on your goals.
You’ll have a clear mind that can finally focus on the important things in your life.
The limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns in your mind will slowly start to vanish. 
Building Wealth For Freedom
During WHOLE Mastermind you will...
  •  Discover and quantify your unique set of talents and motivations for creating wealth through business or investing.
  •  You’ll be using a leading science-based tool, originally created to guide entrepreneurs through start-ups to business exits, to optimise your thinking & behaviour for success.
  •  Benchmark yourself against highly successful Australian property entrepreneurs (those with $10 million or more of investments), to reveal how your motivations and attitudes compare, then replicate their results.
  •  Identify your unique “blind spots” and learn how to neutralise them, so they can’t cause you to fail.
  •  Replicate top property investing and business building skills, regardless of whether entrepreneurship comes naturally to you or not.
  •  Meet, connect and network with other like-minded business builders and property investors.
  •   Develop confidence by connecting and collaborating with a like-minded community of business builders and property investors making a difference.
  •  Use science plus software to inspire and get the best from yourself, your partner, family and team.
Health, Family And Your WHOLE Life
During WHOLE Mastermind you will...
  • Master practical, everyday techniques for achieving optimal health for your body.
  •  Learn how to safely release the toxins that are clogging up your body and making you feel sluggish, tired, unable to perform at your peak.
  •  Discover the unexpected form of exercise for maintaining the brain chemistry of peak performance.
  • Understand how to balance the polarities of masculine and feminine energies in your relationships, to bring back “newlywed” levels of connection, love, lust and intimacy.
  •  Discover a simple way to have better relationships with your children, friends and loved ones by creating and maintaining connection.
  •  Learn the secrets to be able to walk into and light up a room with your presence.
 Your Mindset and Success
  • Learn how your perceptions and hidden limiting beliefs are affecting your life and keeping you stuck, procrastinating and unable to move forward with a sense of certainty.
  •  A simple way to develop emotional control to release and move through anxiety towards calmness, peace and joy.
  •  Learn the secrets strategies for highly effective goal setting that will rocket you forward from our celebrity guest.
  •  Uncover your unique learning style based on your own unique genius (there is no such thing as a “dumb” person only different learning styles).
 Purpose, Goals & Values
  • Discover your personal purpose and experience the clarity and certainty of knowing exactly what you want for your life.
  •  Understand how your personal evolution follows the 7 Levels of Growth formula, plus when and how to consciously move to the next level to accelerate the achievement of your goals.
  •  Master a simple way to move past negative emotional states like anxiety, fear or sadness, and on towards calmness, peace and joy.
Your growth in life is a journey; there is no magic bullet and yet, with consistency and small incremental step amazing breakthrough tools, rituals and support your progress can be rapid and rewarding on a big scale.
Including Partner
  • $300 Deposit Due on Application (Fully refundable on unsuccessful applications)
  • 12 Month Program
  • Exclusive Fortnightly Webinars
  • HI RES Investment JV Opportunities
  • Exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group
8 Ways You Will Become Unstoppable By Joining The WHOLE Mastermind Program
1. Understand the motivations that you prefer and develop flexibility so that in any situation you will have increased success
2. Develop the ability to work through all communication styles and adapt within seconds for positive and affirmative outcomes for all involved
3. Be able to benchmark your self against successful entrepreneurs and replicate their motivations for your success
4. Catch yourself in the self-talk you use and turn everything into a positive outcome
5. Find a deeper connection with all the people around you and especially your life partner or future partner
6. Follow the easy simple and small steps that will keep you in good health without the need to break world records.
7. Learn exercises that will strengthen you personally in any activity you do, whether it be mental or physical.  
8. See results from the immediate congruent decisions you made during the two days. 
It Only Takes One Split Second to Change Something Small to Get Big Results.
Your new life, full of wealth, vibrant health and deep, connected relationships, can begin now – but only if you take action now and Apply Now for the WHOLE Mastermind Program.
Hi there! How can I help?  
People who are interested in the WHOLE Mastermind Program often give me a call if they have any questions about it. 

I can help you with questions about the program, as well as with logistic details such as the application process.

So, please call me or email me. I love to help and I will be delighted to provide you with all the information you want.
Warm regards ,
Office number: 07 5450 8334
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Small is the New Big is the brain child of both Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning who, from humble beginnings turned their negative $37K property portfolio into one that enabled them to leave paid employment over a short one year period.

Over the last few years they’ve been working on putting together their High Income Real Estate System (HI-RES) program that includes their secrets and helps people maximise their financial potential while actively participating and working with governments to bring about affordable housing for everyday Australians.

They are Entrepreneurs bringing about both personal and social change.

Small is the New Big is the platform for that change.
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