Double Your Cashflow Returns With Ian Ugarte...
The Property On The Left Picks Up $1,500 In Weekly Rental Income...

Whereas The One On The Right Is Stuck At Just $600. Can You Guess Why?
Both are of comparable size and design, both have 5 bedrooms, and they're in the same ordinary, everyday suburb... so what makes the difference?

And how can you use the same strategy to double your cashflow returns and potentially replace your income in as little as 13 months, while transforming lives?
From: Ian Ugarte
Thursday, 5:53 pm

Debra and Jamie thought it sounded impossible.

With a desire to not only be in a position where Debra could quit her job, but also help build a better community and make a difference in the world, it was everything they were looking for.

They had a block in Brisbane and wanted to build on it, but the market conditions meant a traditional negatively geared property would set them back $15,000 a year.

Instead, they followed the unique process you’re about to discover and achieved a $35,000 positive cashflow per annum.

No, that’s not a misprint. They added almost $700 a week to their income, instead of losing $300.

That’s a $1,000 a week difference… the equivalent of slogging it out at a job paying $50,000 a year, but instead earning it passively – while barely lifting a finger.

What’s more, they slept soundly at night because…
They Were Able to Provide
Affordable Housing for People Who Desperately Needed It
Perhaps most importantly, they were able to stick to their values of family, integrity and empathy… and start their marriage off on a solid financial ground.

I want to show you how to do the same, so instead of waiting 10 years, scrimping and saving, and depriving your family of every little luxury with 4.5% or 5% rental yields…

You can get 10% or 12% yields instead of constantly paying out money, and earn passive income from day one.

And because the returns are ridiculously high, the capital gains are exceptional too. For instance…
A Recent Property Received an Offer for $930,000, Whereas a Similar House Next Door Sold for Just $780,000
And this was a real sales contract, which was knocked back because the cashflow was so solid my client wanted more.

Imagine how that could transform your life. You could potentially change everything and replace the income from your job with just a couple of investments.
When a father is told negative gearing is the answer, to “lose money now, so you can make money later” and to “delay gratification” only to find himself investing in 7 properties that cost $36,000 to hold (a third of his young family’s gross income) and feeling like a slave to the banks, working long hours and living a miserable life – it hurts deeply.

Especially when you have to offload everything in a fire sale that cost $300,000 in just a few weeks.

But when a father then starts over and just 13 months later, at age 36, has enough money to leave his job, and no longer needs a wage anymore… then sparks really fly.

For the past 7 years, Ian Ugarte has been following this approach to property investing that produces high rental incomes now, not decades into the future.

But as the author of the new book, ‘Small is the New Big’ with his wife Christine - now he has a greater mission: to help over 1 million Australians struggling to pay their bills due to soaring rental prices, and actively contribute to build better communities.

This is the goal of this event. “The goal was too important to leave to someone else” Mr. Ugarte says. “I couldn’t rest until I did it myself.”
  • Brisbane: 27th Oct 2018
  • Pullman Brisbane, King George Square
  •   10am - 12pm
  • Sunshine Coast: 31st Oct 2018
  • The Old Ambulance Station
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Surfers Paradise: 1st Nov 2018
  •  Novotel Surfers Paradise
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
South Australia
  • Adelaide: 23rd Oct 2018
  • Adelaide Town Hall
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
New South Wales
  • Sydney CBD: 13th Sep 2018
  •  Sydney Masonic Centre 
  •   7pm - 9:30pm
  • Sydney CBD: 20th Oct  2018
  •  Sydney Masonic Centre 
  •   10am - 12pm
  • Parramatta: 18th Oct 2018
  •  Rydges Parramatta
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Newcastle: 17th Oct 2018
  • Harbourview Function Centre
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Melbourne CBD: 6th Oct 2018
  • Ibis Melbourne
  •   10am - 12pm
  •  Forest Hill : 4th Oct 2018
  •  Canterbury International Hotel
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
Western Australia
  • Perth: 24th Oct 2018
  • Novotel Perth Langley
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
* Registration starts at 6.30pm for evening sessions
and 9:30am for day sessions.
Property Income Accelerator
And the best part is, there’s no need to buy houses for $1, ‘steal’ properties opportunistically off those in financial trouble, or master any tricky “flipping” or negotiation tactics.

All you need to do is fill a need the community is desperate for right now and tap into a “blue ocean” trend which allows you to…
Buy Fewer Properties and Replace Your Income Sooner - While Transforming Lives
The Traditional Approach
  • Buy at least 5 negatively geared properties
  •  Use interest-only loans
  •  Keep working to pay holding costs each month
  •  Wait 10+ years for capital growth & rental increases
  •  Sell some properties to pay down loans on the others
  •  Remaining properties are now cashflow positive
  •  Hopefully the rental yield is enough for you to live on...
  •  Leave your job - finally!
My Shortcut
  • Buy a couple of properties that produce high rental yields of up to 10%, 12% or more
  •  Leave your job - and soon!
That's it! Really, that's all there is to it...
Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Especially since...
If You Already Own a Property, This Could Quickly Double Your Cashflow Returns Within Months
For instance, Kieron took his 4 bedroom house in Brisbane and followed my recommendations…
BEFORE: The unrenovated house.
AFTER: Modern, self-contained micro apartments.
And while in 2016 he was collecting $620 per week, by 2017 it had increased to $1,270 per week… after costs that gave Kieron an extra $14,820 per year of positive cashflow.

Don’t worry, I understand your scepticism. But what makes all of this possible is the trends which are occurring in the Australian economy right now. For instance…
Did You Know 1.55 Million Australians Are Dealing With Housing Stress?
Yes, this is data from the 2016 census – with both property prices and rent soaring, even 97% of those living in Melbourne are struggling to pay their rent and mortgages each month.

Sadly, Australia is the most unaffordable housing market in the world. Just take a look at this chart…

When you consider that 22 Hong Kong homes can fit inside the average Australian home, this really shouldn’t be a surprise…
We Build Our Houses Too Big, Which Is  Why There Are 12 Million Empty Bedrooms In Australia… Will You Help Me Fill Them?   
Think about this for a moment. Developers love to push the cookie-cutter 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home as the ideal – despite the fact there’s been:
  •  More than a 100% increase in single adults occupying public housing in the past 10 years (54% in 2016 compared with only 21% in 2005)
  • A doubling of the number of women over 50 in the past four years who find themselves homeless, resorting to living in cars or couch surfing.
Yes, there are mothers out there, who have supported their families all their lives, divorced and find themselves without a home. 

This breaks my heart. And when I discovered…

There are 70-year olds Everywhere Living on Less Than $399 a Week, Yet the  Cheapest Rent They Can Find is $300
I decided to make it my mission to produce one million rooms for the 52 percent of singles and couples with no kids living at home.

I just couldn’t stand by and watch this happen. Imagine working all your life, then trying to survive in your so called ‘glory years’ on $14 a day.

The good news is it makes sense for us to do this, economically. With interest rates almost certain to rise in 2018 and a property price correction which seems inevitable, and the trend right now could see many negatively geared investors get buried. Consider this…
Rents Are Already High For Conventional Housing And At The Limits Of What Many Tenants Can Afford
Wages Growth Has Stalled, And Household Incomes Are “Dismal”, According To Economists
And it’s no surprise to anyone millions of Australians can’t even get into the housing market, as the prices of homes has risen so far, leaving their efforts to save for a deposit falling further behind.

The traditional approach to property investing is risky, slow and painful in the current market, and you’re unlikely to see much capital or rental growth any time soon. In fact, I predict…
Negatively Geared Property Investors Will End Up Like Kodak
Digital technology literally killed Kodak, because they were too slow to react to the new trend.

And they’re not the only one. Nokia, Dick Smith, IBM and even Fairfax have suffered similar fates because the winds changed, and they did not have  a product to offer which matched the needs of  the market.

Make no mistake, with housing stress at an all time high there are over 1 million people all over the country who would love to move into more affordable housing – the property investors who win in the years ahead are those who follow in the footsteps of Amazon, Apple and Facebook and stay on trend.
Even state and local governments are supporting this strategy, and having written favourable laws to encourage it. And with most property investors not even thinking about it, let alone understanding it (often because they think affordable means ‘low profits’ – nothing could be further from the truth)… 
There’s Never Been a Better Time to Look At This Segment Of the Market  
Think about it…

Do you think the 30 to 40-year-old working their way up the ranks of their legal firm or accounting firm wants to pay more or less rent?

Do they really need to live in a 246 sqm home instead of a 35-45 sqm home?

Do you think the 70 year old living on $14 a day, would rather pay $300 for a larger property or $230 for a smaller property… and increase their allowance by $70 a week so they could stop scraping to afford food and utilities, and actually start living?

Do you think the 55 year old single mum who’s fallen on hard times would prefer to live on friend’s couches because they can’t afford higher rent, or find somewhere comfortable and affordable to live?

Remember, 1.55 million Australians are living with housing stress and this type of housing is the best way to push property prices down, and make housing more affordable for everyone. What’s more…
Smaller Properties are Often Better for Lifestyle –  Most People Don’t Use All the Rooms Anyway   
The University of California did a study that included 32 families over four years. They put GPS tags on them to monitor how often they visited various areas of the house – and here’s what they found…
Can you see why people don’t need large homes?

They’re using the kitchen, the dining room, the family room. That's it.

They found the formal lounge room was never used and you spend seven times more time on the toilet than in front of the fridge.
Why Build These Extraordinarily Large Homes When Nobody is Using the Space Anyway?
All it means is more cleaning, more yard work and no real personal benefit. It makes far more sense to get into a smaller property at a lower rent, so you can enjoy a better lifestyle… even if it means you’re paying slightly more per square metre.

You get your own room. Your own shower. It’s fully self contained.

You don’t have to share with anyone – and your tenants often find they love being a part of a community. This is what Christine, a tenant who lives in a new home had to say:
Tenants Love Living In These Smaller Homes
"Six months ago, I was living in accommodation that was not conducive to my lifestyle. I needed a place that I could seek refuge and safety in. 

Since meeting Rebekah from Small is the New Big, I now live in a beautiful, brand new, stylish, functional house where I can lock my room with an en suite. I share with lovely people, people from all walks of life and people who add value to my life. It's a place that is safe for me and creates harmony as such, that I can be creative in my design and my writing skills.  

There is life outside for people who are homeless and there is life outside for people who care for you". -Christine

However, 1 Million Homes Is A Huge Number.
I Can’t Build Them Alone. I Need Your Help
And that’s why I’d like to invite you to a very special event, Property Income Accelerator, where you will discover:
  •  The best areas to build affordable housing (and no, it's not the low-end areas – discover how this strategy has been applied to some of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane’s premium suburbs – including South Yarra and Double Bay)
  •  Why it’s virtually impossible for negative gearing to continue to succeed, once this trend sets in that will stagnate property prices
  •  The exact size of the apartments you’ll be supplying your client’s with (including both singles and couples, and exactly what they have in them)
  • Already own a 3 or 4 bedroom home? Here’s exactly what to do to double your cashflow, step-by-step
  •  The 3 biggest mistakes people make with affordable housing which can land them in hot water (they’re easy to spot, but if you overlook them, you could end up with a slew of legal issues on your hands)
  •  Why the negative gearing gravy train is about to quickly ground to a halt (and exactly what you should be focusing on right now)
  •  The 60/30 strategy anyone can use to get a huge advantage heading into retirement
  •  Why now is the best time to get in (it’s a blue ocean, unlike many investment approaches where there is quite literally, blood in the water – watch Ian put the economic factors on the chopping block which will make your jaw drop)
  •  Why this is perhaps the lowest risk, highest return, crash-proof property investment option in today’s market
  •  How to quickly turn a negatively geared, cash burning property into positive cashflow
  •  The best types of properties suited to using the High Income Real Estate System
  •  7 real examples of how it works (including how one $250,000 property went from $4,200 to $35,000 in cashflow – a yield of 13.9%)
  •  How to get started, even if you have very little equity
  •  How this strategy can potentially make you financially free with just a couple of deals (instead of taking 10+ years to replace your income)
  •  Case studies state by state: see exactly how this unique approach works in each state, and in regional and metropolitan areas
  •  Exactly how much time and money it takes to pull off one of these projects (it will require some of your effort, however it’s far less than most people think once you have the right processes in place, and there’s been plenty who have a full time job and a family who have pulled this off. You’ll hear their stories at the event)
And there’s more. A lot more. In fact…
You’ll Even Get a Step-by-Step Checklist of Exactly What to Do
Remember, I have a very clear vision to create one million self-contained homes by December 2027 and I’m going to need a lot of help.

And make no mistake about it, the information I’ll be sharing at this event works. I used it to retire from my 9-5 job in 13 months after being in all sorts of financial trouble, and I’ve helped dozens of others do the same. What you learn can change your life forever, as it has for many before you.
But This Isn't For Everyone
I am passionate about building better communities and making Australian homes more affordable, and I’m looking for others who want to authentically do the same.

What really motivates me is getting those Australians facing housing stress, out of the labyrinth, so they can be happier and more productive.

I’m not talking about drug dealers and other criminals. I’m referring to ordinary, decent, honest people who’ve ended up in a tough situation through no fault of their own.

Sure, we’ll all make a profit. There’s no other option. To build one million homes without government assistance (which is the best way to do this), it needs to be financially viable.

I Only Want to Work With People Who are Passionate, Driven and Focused on Creating Positive Change
If that’s you, and if you’re ready to say goodbye to confusion, indecision, poor preparation, skills and planning…

If you’re ready to say goodbye to emotionally based decisions, impatience, speculation and poor financing and cash management…

If you’re ready to say goodbye to feeling frustrated, fearful and insecure…
And if you’re ready to say hello to confidence and certainty – and help dozens more people have homes they can afford to live in…

Then I look forward to seeing you at my Property Income Accelerator event, where I’ll show you exactly how to double your cashflow and retire in as little as 13 months. However don’t dilly-dally…
There are Only 250 Seats Available in Each City and We Expect Tickets to Disappear Quickly
To avoid disappointment, please grab your free ticket now. I know it will be the most congruent, detailed and valuable event you’ve ever attended, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Ian Ugarte
Property Income Accelerator
Three Real Examples: HI RES In Action
  • Interest rates are certain to rise in 2018. Negative gearing will be much more expensive.
  •  Property prices have peaked and in some locations are starting to fall. Negative gearing is a poor approach when capital growth is years away.
  •  Rents are already high for conventional housing, at the limit of what many tenants can afford. There's little room to raise them as your interest costs go up.
  • Demand from tenants for affordable housing is already huge and growing fast. Your properties will lease quickly.
  •  State & local government support this strategy. They want you to provide affordable housing, so they've written favourable laws to encourage you.
  • You can get in early. Since few property investors know about this market there is little competition.
  •  It’s low risk but very high returns making it a more effective place to invest your money.
  •  Dramatically increase your returns on your next investment, making it hugely cash-flow positive.
It Took Losing Everything To Discover The Truth About Property Investing
WARNING: The Australian Housing Market Is On Shaky Ground Right Now
The Australian property market has a huge disconnect between supply and demand.

A million Australian households face mortgage stress, as they struggle to pay off homes that are too expensive for their incomes.

Millions more Australians can’t get into the housing market to begin with. The price of homes has risen so far and so fast that their efforts to save for a deposit are falling further behind.

Rents are so high that they have to go without some necessities just to keep a roof over their heads. They want affordable housing, but there's far too little of it to meet the demand.

This is a huge potential market that most property investors are ignoring. Instead, they’re continuing to buy more of the same and are all competing for the same group of tenants.

That's too bad, because the affordable housing sector looks likely to avoid the problems facing the rest of the Australian property market: falling prices, oversupply, rising vacancy rates and high holding costs.

A massive opportunity awaits savvy property investors who are early to pick up on this growing trend. Demand is huge and supply is tiny, since very few property investors are even thinking about affordable housing today.

The best news is that “affordable” doesn’t have to mean “low profits” for investors. Quite the opposite in fact.

With the right strategy, your investment in affordable housing can produce higher returns than you’d ever see from traditional property investing.

Forget 4% and 5% rental yields. Educated investors are making 10%, 12% and more in rental yields, even though their tenants are paying less. It's all down to providing the right housing product to this market.

Every property investor who wants positive cash flow from their investments and likes having lots of tenants competing for every property should look into affordable housing.

8 Reasons Why It’s Essential For You To Attend This Live Event
At this live event you’ll discover:
  •  How this new, growing property trend has created huge, positive cashflow opportunities for savvy investors willing to take action.
  •  How to turn a negatively-geared cash-burning property into positive cashflow, and quickly.
  •  Which types of properties are best suited to using the High Income Real Estate System.
  •  Real examples, like going from $4,200 to $35k cashflow with a 250k property - a yield of 13.9%.
  •  Why the HI RES strategy is very low risk, much lower than negative gearing, if you follow the rules.
  •  How you can get started with this strategy even if you have little or equity today.
  •  How this strategy can potentially make you financially free with just a couple of deals, instead of taking 10+ years to replace your income.
  •  Case studies showing that this strategy works in regional and metro areas, and in every state.
Coming Clean: The Real Reason Why I'm Running This Live Event
I want to come clean and admit something to you now: I have another, deeper reason for running live events like this one.

Sure, I enjoy showing people how to use my HI RES property investing strategy. My background is in teaching and I have a passion for it.

Yes, I charge my students a fee to attend my courses and I make a very nice income from that.

But as much as I love seeing my students succeed, that’s still not the biggest reason why I’m running this event.

What motivates me more than anything is knowing that many Australians face housing stress and are at risk of homelessness.

I’m not talking about drug dealers and other criminals. I’m focussed on ordinary, decent, honest people who’ve ended up in a tough situation through no fault of their own.

For example, the fastest-growing homeless group is divorced, 55+ year old women. They’ve spent years raising kids and taking care of a family, only to end up on a limited income and facing life on the street.

They can’t afford to rent a standard house. But they can afford the types of housing I’ve talked about on this page.

So that’s my ulterior motive for running this event. What I want to see happen is this:

1. You see the financial opportunity present in the affordable housing market.
2. You decide to make an investment in affordable housing.
3. With my help, you’re successful and you make a great return on your investment.
4. So you decide to make more investments in affordable housing.
5. Pretty soon, dozens of people have homes they can afford to stay in – because of you.

I believe in making a difference while you make a dollar, and that’s the real reason why I’m running this event.

The government can’t solve problems like housing stress and homelessness on its own. But property investors like you and I, together, can make a huge difference to a lot of people’s lives.
  •   Brisbane: 27th Oct 2018
  •    Pullman Brisbane, King George Square
  •   10am - 12pm
  • Sunshine Coast: 31st Oct 2018
  • The Old Ambulance Station
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Surfers Paradise:  1st Nov 2018
  •  Novotel Surfers Paradise
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
South Australia
  • Adelaide: 23rd Oct 2018
  • Adelaide Town Hall
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
New South Wales
  • Sydney CBD: 13th Sep 2018
  •  Sydney Masonic Centre 
  •   7pm - 9:30pm
  • Sydney CBD: 20th Oct 2018
  •  Sydney Masonic Centre 
  •   10am - 12pm
  • Parramatta: 18th Oct2018
  •  Rydges Parramatta
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Newcastle: 17th Oct 2018
  • Harbourview Function Centre
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Melbourne CBD: 6th Oct 2018
  • Ibis Melbourne
  •   10am - 12pm
  • Glen Waverley: 4th Oct Jun 2018
  •  Canterbury International Hotel
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
Western Australia
  • Perth: 24th Oct 2018
  • Novotel Perth Langley
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
* Registration starts at 6.30pm for evening sessions
and 9:30am for day sessions.
About Your Speaker
Ian Ugarte
Ian is a full-time property investor and Australia’s leading micro apartment, rooming house and boarding house specialist.

He's leading a movement to make these types of affordable housing available to people on limited incomes.

Ian’s an unstoppable entrepreneur, who has launched 23 businesses in the last 23 years. He holds 7 worldwide patents on sustainability and wastewater treatment, and sits on the board of the Future Housing Taskforce, where he’s helping to decrease the cost of housing and tackle the growing housing shortage.

Ian has presented to 105,000 people at his live events in the last 7 years, sharing his expertise in the property development and property investing fields.  Ian and his wife Christine are authors of the new book, Small Is The New Big.
Ian's expertise in property and related fields includes:
  • Rooming houses
  • Boarding houses
  • Affordable accommodation 
  • Micro apartments

  • Tiny houses 
  • Adaptable housing 
  • House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)
  • Sub division
  • Strata
  • Modular construction
  • Renovation 
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Small Is The New Big is the brain child of both Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning who, from humble beginnings, turned their negative $37K property portfolio into one that enabled them to leave paid employment over a short one year period.

Over the last few years they’ve been working on putting together their High Income Real Estate System (HI-RES) program that includes their secrets and helps people maximise their financial potential while actively participating and working with governments to bring about affordable housing for everyday Australians.

They are Entrepreneurs bringing about both personal and social change.

Small is the New Big is the platform for that change.
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