Ian Ugarte presents:
Property Income Accelerator
A Live Evening Event On High-Yield Property Investing Strategies
Are you stressed about falling property prices, rising interest rates & how long it will be until you’re finally earning a decent income from your investments?
Discover the overlooked, misunderstood segment of the property market with rental yields 2X - 3X the average, huge demand from eager tenants and a major shortage of properties...
At last you can replace your income through property investing, without waiting 10 years or scrimping and depriving your family of every little luxury.

Why put up with low rental yields of 4.5% or 5% and money-losing investment properties that burn your cash for years?

Just imagine getting rental yields of 10% or 12% instead.

That would change everything, wouldn’t it? Instead of constantly paying out money, you’d be earning passive income from day 1.

Imagine how that would change your life... You could potentially replace your income with just a couple of investments.

Does it sound impossible? It isn’t.

It’s simply part of a new trend.

A trend you won’t hear about from your friends, and that you won’t hear properly explained by the media. Quite simply: almost no one is doing this – yet.

Those few of us who are... we’re using a specific strategy in the affordable housing sector. And we’re getting amazing results.

Let me show you what I’m talking about…
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Feb 26th

May 28th

Sunshine Coast
May 29th

June 4th
June 5th
Gold Coast
June 12th
June 19th
Glen Waverley
June 21st

South Australia
  • Adelaide: 28th May 2018
  • TBC
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
Western Australia
  • Perth: 19th Jun 2018
  • Novotel Perth Langley
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Sunshine Coast: 29th May 2018
  • TBC
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Brisbane: 2nd Jun 2018
  • Novatel Brisbane
  •  9:30am - 3pm
  • Gold Coast: 12th Jun 2018
  •  Novotel Surfers Paradise
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
New South Wales
  • Newcastle: 4th Jun 2018
  • Harbourview Function Centre
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Parramatta: 5th Jun 2018
  •  Novotel Parramatta
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Sydney CBD: 17th Jun 2018
  •  Sydney Masonic Centre 
  •   9:30am - 3pm
  • Melbourne CBD: 26th Feb 2018
  • Ibis Melbourne
  •  7pm - 9:30pm
  • Melbourne CBD: 16th Jun 2018
  • Ibis Melbourne
  •  9:30am - 3pm
  • Glen Waverley: 21st Jun 2018
  • Ibis Glen Waverley
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
* Registration starts at 6.30pm for evening sessions
and 9:00am for day sessions.
How to buy fewer properties and replace your income sooner
The Traditional Approach
  • Buy at least 5 negatively geared properties
  •  Use interest-only loans
  •  Keep working to pay holding costs each month
  •  Wait 10+ years for capital growth & rental increases
  •  Sell some properties to pay down loans on the others
  •  Remaining properties are now cashflow positive
  •  Hopefully the rental yield is enough for you to live on...
  •  Leave your job - finally!
My Shortcut
  • Buy a couple of properties that produce high rental yields of up to 10%, 12% or more
  •  Leave your job - and soon!
That's it! Really, that's all there is to it...
Do you like the look of my shortcut, but don't know how to get such high yields on residential investment properties?

I get it.

My shortcut uses a new approach to investing called the "High Income Real Estate System" (HI RES), applied to the affordable housing market. It's a strategy that you've probably never seen before.

I'd like to show you how it works...
Three Real Examples: HI RES In Action
Case Study 1
Normal Buy-To-Rent vs Multiple Occupancy Conversion
These students bought a house and then applied my strategy to convert it into multiple occupancy.

Renting to a single tenant would only have generated cashflow of $4,200 per year. Applying my HI RES strategy increased that to $35,200.

The net yield increased from 1.8% to 13.9% per year!
Case Study 2
Getting Started When You Have No Money
What if you don't have the money to buy an investment property? With a bit of effort to find the right seller, the HI RES strategy can solve that problem.

This student found a motivated seller willing to do a vendor finance deal. No one wanted the property as an owner occupier or standard rental, but just a few thousand dollars and the HI RES strategy turned it all around.

Passive income of $27,000!
Case Study 3
Building For Cashflow
We bought a Brisbane house just for the land, to demolish it and build something new. But what?

Splitting the block to build two townhouses would have produced rent of $62,400 per year and holding costs of $69,600. We'd be going backwards by $7,200 per year!

Instead we used the HI RES strategy to build micro apartments at roughly the same total cost.

Result: over $40,000 p.a. positive cashflow!
Why You Need To Understand The HI RES Strategy
  • Interest rates are certain to rise in 2018. Negative gearing will be much more expensive.
  •  Property prices have peaked and in some locations are starting to fall. Negative gearing is a poor approach when capital growth is years away.
  •  Rents are already high for conventional housing, at the limit of what many tenants can afford. There's little room to raise them as your interest costs go up.
  • Demand from tenants for affordable housing is already huge and growing fast. Your properties will lease quickly.
  •  State & local government support this strategy. They want you to provide affordable housing, so they've written favourable laws to encourage you.
  • You can get in early. Since few property investors know about this market there is little competition.
  •  It’s low risk but very high returns making it a more effective place to invest your money.
  •  Dramatically increase your returns on your next investment, making it hugely cash-flow positive.
It Took Losing Everything To Discover The Truth About Property Investing
The Negative Gearing Trap
I was always told that investing in property meant negative gearing: “Lose money now, so that you can make money later”.

“It’s about delayed gratification”, my teachers said. “Accept some financial pain now, and in the future – the distant future – you’ll reap a big financial payday”.

I followed that advice for years and bought 7 properties that cost me $36,000 to hold – a third of our young family’s gross income!

We struggled to get by on what was left after paying the mortgages each month.

I was broke and felt like a slave to the banks, working long hours just to keep them at bay. It was a miserable life.

Then, suddenly my job was at risk and I needed a way out – fast.
I Lost It All – And Went Back To Square One
We couldn’t keep feeding those mortgages and had to offload everything in a fire sale. That cost me $300,000 in just a few weeks.

It was heartbreaking to watch the wealth from years of hard work and sacrifice, all evaporate so quickly.

So I started over, this time determined to be smarter and to find a faster, lower-risk way. And find one I certainly did…
Discovering A Better Strategy Changed Everything
Just 13 months later, at age 36, I was ready to leave my job. I didn’t need a wage any more.

No longer was I working hard just to pay for my properties every month. Now, for the first time, my investment properties were paying for themselves – and they were paying for me too.

I’d reached the point where I didn’t have to work, decades sooner than my negative gearing-loving teachers had said it would happen.

It’s all thanks to a property investing strategy that produces high rental incomes now, not decades in the future.
You Can Learn From My Mistakes
Please don’t make the same mistakes that I did. There’s no need to load up with negative gearing and wait a decade or more to earn an income from your properties.

I’m going to show you a much better way.

At this live event you’ll discover the steps to replace your own salary using a unique property investing strategy. You’ll set a target date for when you too can quit your job – and it will be sooner than you think!
It's A Bad Time For Old-Fashioned Property Investing
The traditional approach to property investing is risky, slow and painful in the current market.

If you buy a property today and pay holding costs each month while you wait for capital growth, then you need to know that:
  • Property prices have peaked and a correction seems inevitable.
  •  Interest rates are certain to rise in 2018.
  •  “Rent stress” is a growing problem; tenants cannot pay more than they already are.
  •  Wages growth has stalled and household incomes are “dismal”, according to economists.
The bottom line is that you won’t see much capital growth or rental growth for your property any time soon.

If you’re negative gearing, then it’s going to be a long, expensive wait.
Good News: There's A Much Better Way
Why compete for tenants who'll only pay rents of 4.5% or 5% of the property value? That's not even enough to cover the holding costs.

There's a different type of property that can produce rental yields of 10%, 12% or even more.

And it's in such short supply that would-be tenants will queue up when you have a vacancy, happy to pay the rent you're asking.

It's a segment of the market that most property investors never think about and the rest don't understand.

It does require a different strategy to traditional investing.

Very few investors are active in this space, which is why there's such a huge undersupply of properties...

...and such a huge opportunity for you!

I'm talking about the part of the market which has been so good for me, that I replaced my salary and left my job after just 13 months.
It's affordable housing.
Like many property investors, you might be surprised to hear that affordable housing can generate such high cash-on-cash yields.

Since the tenants have limited incomes, it’s easy to assume that investment returns will also be limited. But when you use the right strategy nothing could be further from the truth.

When you join me at this live event, I'll explain everything...
WARNING: The Australian Housing Market Is On Shaky Ground Right Now
The Australian property market has a huge disconnect between supply and demand.

A million Australian households face mortgage stress, as they struggle to pay off homes that are too expensive for their incomes.

Millions more Australians can’t get into the housing market to begin with. The price of homes has risen so far and so fast that their efforts to save for a deposit are falling further behind.

Rents are so high that they have to go without some necessities just to keep a roof over their heads. They want affordable housing, but there's far too little of it to meet the demand.

This is a huge potential market that most property investors are ignoring. Instead, they’re continuing to buy more of the same and are all competing for the same group of tenants.

That's too bad, because the affordable housing sector looks likely to avoid the problems facing the rest of the Australian property market: falling prices, oversupply, rising vacancy rates and high holding costs.

A massive opportunity awaits savvy property investors who are early to pick up on this growing trend. Demand is huge and supply is tiny, since very few property investors are even thinking about affordable housing today.

The best news is that “affordable” doesn’t have to mean “low profits” for investors. Quite the opposite in fact.

With the right strategy, your investment in affordable housing can produce higher returns than you’d ever see from traditional property investing.

Forget 4% and 5% rental yields. Educated investors are making 10%, 12% and more in rental yields, even though their tenants are paying less. It's all down to providing the right housing product to this market.

Every property investor who wants positive cash flow from their investments and likes having lots of tenants competing for every property should look into affordable housing.

8 Reasons Why It’s Essential For You To Attend This Live Event
At this live event you’ll discover:
  •  How this new, growing property trend has created huge, positive cashflow opportunities for savvy investors willing to take action.
  •  How to turn a negatively-geared cash-burning property into positive cashflow, and quickly.
  •  Which types of properties are best suited to using the High Income Real Estate System.
  •  Real examples, like going from $4,200 to $35k cashflow with a 250k property - a yield of 13.9%.
  •  Why the HI RES strategy is very low risk, much lower than negative gearing, if you follow the rules.
  •  How you can get started with this strategy even if you have little or equity today.
  •  How this strategy can potentially make you financially free with just a couple of deals, instead of taking 10+ years to replace your income.
  •  Case studies showing that this strategy works in regional and metro areas, and in every state.
Coming Clean: The Real Reason Why I'm Running This Live Event
I want to come clean and admit something to you now: I have another, deeper reason for running live events like this one.

Sure, I enjoy showing people how to use my HI RES property investing strategy. My background is in teaching and I have a passion for it.

Yes, I charge my students a fee to attend my courses and I make a very nice income from that.

But as much as I love seeing my students succeed, that’s still not the biggest reason why I’m running this event.

What motivates me more than anything is knowing that many Australians face housing stress and are at risk of homelessness.

I’m not talking about drug dealers and other criminals. I’m focussed on ordinary, decent, honest people who’ve ended up in a tough situation through no fault of their own.

For example, the fastest-growing homeless group is divorced, 55+ year old women. They’ve spent years raising kids and taking care of a family, only to end up on a limited income and facing life on the street.

They can’t afford to rent a standard house. But they can afford the types of housing I’ve talked about on this page.

So that’s my ulterior motive for running this event. What I want to see happen is this:

1. You see the financial opportunity present in the affordable housing market.
2. You decide to make an investment in affordable housing.
3. With my help, you’re successful and you make a great return on your investment.
4. So you decide to make more investments in affordable housing.
5. Pretty soon, dozens of people have homes they can afford to stay in – because of you.

I believe in making a difference while you make a dollar, and that’s the real reason why I’m running this event.

The government can’t solve problems like housing stress and homelessness on its own. But property investors like you and I, together, can make a huge difference to a lot of people’s lives.
Join us for this exclusive live event with Ian Ugarte
Tickets to this event are regularly priced at $49.

However, for a limited time, we want to spread the word as quickly as possible.

We want property investors like you to understand the high positive cashflows that are achievable by using my strategy in the affordable housing market. And we want you to invest in these properties and help to solve the housing crisis for tenants on limited incomes.

In short, we want share this exciting new trend with investors like you, to help as many people as possible.

So we’re offering these tickets for FREE (saving you $49).

These are the only events being held in 2018. Seating is limited by venue capacity.
South Australia
  • Adelaide: 28th May 2018
  • TBC
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
Western Australia
  • Perth: 19th Jun 2018
  • Novotel Perth Langley
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Sunshine Coast: 29th May 2018
  • TBC
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Brisbane: 2nd Jun 2018
  • Novatel Brisbane
  •  9:30am - 3pm
  • Gold Coast: 12th Jun 2018
  •  Novotel Surfers Paradise
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
New South Wales
  • Newcastle: 4th Jun 2018
  • Harbourview Function Centre
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Parramatta: 5th Jun 2018
  •  Novotel Parramatta
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
  • Sydney CBD: 17th Jun 2018
  •  Sydney Masonic Centre 
  •   9:30am - 3pm
  • Melbourne CBD: 26th Feb 2018
  • Ibis Melbourne
  •  7pm - 9:30pm
  • Melbourne CBD: 16th Jun 2018
  • Ibis Melbourne
  •  9:30am - 3pm
  • Glen Waverley: 21st Jun 2018
  • Ibis Glen Waverley
  • 7pm - 9:30pm
* Registration starts at 6.30pm for evening sessions
and 9:00am for day sessions.
About Your Speaker
Ian Ugarte
Ian is a full-time property investor and Australia’s leading micro apartment, rooming house and boarding house specialist.

He's leading a movement to make these types of affordable housing available to people on limited incomes.

Ian’s an unstoppable entrepreneur, who has launched 23 businesses in the last 23 years. He holds 7 worldwide patents on sustainability and wastewater treatment, and sits on the board of the Future Housing Taskforce, where he’s helping to decrease the cost of housing and tackle the growing housing shortage.

Ian has presented to 105,000 people at his live events in the last 7 years, sharing his expertise in the property development and property investing fields.  Ian and his wife Christine are authors of the new book, Small Is The New Big.
Ian's expertise in property and related fields includes:
  • Rooming houses
  • Boarding houses
  • Affordable accommodation 
  • Micro apartments

  • Tiny houses 
  • Adaptable housing 
  • House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)
  • Sub division
  • Strata
  • Modular construction
  • Renovation 
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Small Is The New Big is the brain child of both Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning who, from humble beginnings, turned their negative $37K property portfolio into one that enabled them to leave paid employment over a short one year period.

Over the last few years they’ve been working on putting together their High Income Real Estate System (HI-RES) program that includes their secrets and helps people maximise their financial potential while actively participating and working with governments to bring about affordable housing for everyday Australians.

They are Entrepreneurs bringing about both personal and social change.

Small is the New Big is the platform for that change.
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