Double the Income of a Property While Simultaneously Creating Housing Affordability and Diversification.
How to Use a Proven and Tested System of Detailed Analysis, Tools and Experience to Implement Strategies that use Positive Cash flow from Real Estate to Turn Your Own or Someone Else’s Average, Low or Negative Performing Property into One that Can Turn Your Debt Position Around and Create a Huge Income.
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Did you know Australians build the largest and most expensive homes in the world? Every developer and property investor has four bedroom and two bathroom houses that all look the same. With 2.5 people on average in each household. Many of the rooms in these homes are unoccupied. 

On average, there are 12 million empty bedrooms tonight in Australia, and the reason those bedrooms are empty is because up to 50% of home owners and renters are either singles or couples. 

Negative gearing has created the false pretense that you will get wealthy in property, however all that has happened is that people are losing money on their properties weekly, are struggling to live and this has created an unprecedented climb in the cost of housing. 

Add to this that the housing built in the last 50 years has not catered for the demographic and we have a problem that has never existed before – housing that is too expensive to rent or buy and a demographic that does not require the extra room. 

The average tenant to rent rooms is the middle class single person or couple and they have no accommodation to rent or live in that suits their requirements. They have a good job, want convenience and accessibility to other components of their lives and they have no place to go except unsuitable stock. 

Homelessness is also increasing, government housing is ill-equipped to deal with the issue and does not match the requirements of the people seeking affordable housing options.
You CAN enter the property market without over extending yourself.

You can turn your negative geared property into positive geared cash flow and;

You can, no you MUST start fixing the housing gaps that exist by providing needed housing opportunities.
If you want to start doing this, you need to start thinking Small is the New Big. 

Why? Because smaller is smarter and will return you much bigger rents, much bigger opportunities and much bigger outcomes for you, the community and tenants. No one loses here!

The High Income Real Estate System is a system that will set you up for life and put you on the path to even greater financial success, while creating housing diversification and realistic solutions in the housing shortage epidemic.

We offer you solutions on how to enter the property market, maximise the earning potential of your existing portfolio, create housing diversification and help people find homes that are suitable to their needs, NOT homes that a developer thinks they need. 

This system bucks the trend by using out of the box strategies. Having done the hard work of navigating through the mountains of sometimes illegible government, state, local policy, rules, regulations, standards and summarises this into clear and succinct processes, tools and analysis on how to implement those proven strategies.

What if you could follow a formula to replicate the strategies, processes and tools of the successful property entrepreneurs leading this method to produce the same results, but with better outcomes, would you do it?

Imagine if you knew the keys that let you reap the benefits of a passive income from the positive geared cash flow from real estate, while being able to tackle housing diversification and housing needs and demands at the same time? What would knowing these strategies and applying them do for your career, your relationships, your finances, and your happiness?
Traditional Property Investment Fails
On average 80% of people on housing lists are made up of 60% single and 20% couples. This means that 80% of people can live in a studio or 1brm accommodation. Unfortunately for them 80% of available accommodation is 3,4 or 5 bedroom dwellings. Therefore, traditional systems of development are not meeting demand. As a result rents are higher, competition for rentals are higher, it takes people longer to find something suitable which consequently puts more pressure on the housing system. Housing is not meeting the requirements of the single and couple demographics requiring appropriate accommodation.

The traditional strategies of investment include building wealth over time in the hope that it may replace your income in the long term future. The HI RES strategies help you maximise on your investments and triple your earning potential in a shorter period of time whilst accumulating more property, earning more income and consequently having banks wanting to work with you more!

The traditional system does not work or only works for a select few that get lucky but the luck is after much pain. 

The High Income Real Estate System (HI RES) gives you a new system that does work, is attainable and sustainable. 
Here are some case studies of those that were in the same situation you are today and how they turned it around by joining the HI RES Tribe.
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3
11 High Value Things You Will Get With the HI RES Course!
Attend the live High Intensity Training Weekend and meet the HI-RES team.  You’ll discover the A-Z system on how you can achieve high-income real estate using the HI-RES strategies. Every property going forward can now be positive cash flow – forever.

HIRES H.I.T. Weekend: 7th and 8th of July in Sydney.
2. Receive 8 Online Training Webinars
• Module #1 – The Building Blocks of High Cash Flow
• Module #2 – Creating Double Digit Returns
• Module #3 – Policies for HI RES Systems by State
• Module #4 – Short Term Stays, HI Return Investment
• Module #5 – Checklists for Councils and Insurance
• Module #6 – Managing your High Income Properties
• Module #7 – Converting your Existing Properties
• Module #8 – Finding Deals and Due Diligence
3. Plus Receive The High Income Real Estate System Bonus Modules
• Bonus Module #1 – Refinancing and Going Again
• Bonus Module #2 – Case Studies
• Bonus Module #3 – Numbers, Feasibilities and Making it Work
4. The High-Income Step-By-Step Systems Manual
The complete step-by-step training and resource manual for High Income Real Estate. This is a huge resource manual with designs, finance, checklists, flow charts, and many other tips, strategies and documents you can use when cutting your High Income Real Estate deal.

This is available online in the members’ area.
5. High-Income Real Estate System Videos
You’ll get the full recordings of the previous Bootcamp – also available in the member’s area.
6. EXTENDED Membership Site Access
You get extended access to the secure members’ site along with access to all updates and ongoing training.

This includes access to our personal spreadsheets and feasibility calculators.

Plus spreadsheets that the HI-RES team has created to do fast feasibilities to take you through what you can afford, where you will invest, calculate cap rates and even plan builds and renovations of your property to make sure you’ve got everything covered
7. High Income Real Estate System Checklist and Document Download
A download packed with Checklists, feasibilities, letters to vendors, offer letters and templates you can use for every aspect of High Income Real Estate Resources. These tools make sure you don’t miss a trick and will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars – priceless.
8. On Track Power Emails
Every week receive an email that keeps you motivated and ready to take on the week to come. Whether it be a simple understanding of numbers or looking at adversity these emails will keep you on track and help you to achieve the success you know you can achieve.
9. LIVE Q&A Sessions
On-demand webinars where we go through recurring questions, updates and changes in legislation and strategy. HI-RES team members around the country will answer your area specific questions online at points during the year. 
10. Project Update Case Studies
In the trenches short sharp video series keeping you informed of deals that students are doing or have done around the country with the help of HI-RES resources. These videos may be the one simple piece of information that will get you moving.
11. Private Facebook Group
You will have access to a private Facebook group for students only. The HI-RES team will monitor and answer any questions that are posted or post and give feedback and comment on the page. Join the social media buzz and be part of the group. 
Who Is This Course For?
  • This course is perfect for YOU. It’s been specifically designed with you in mind if you are looking to build your property portfolio and create a passive income.
  •  This is a course that offers priority access to a hand holding process of setting up your portfolio and using the HI RES project management teams around the country to support your projects.
  •  This is a course that helps you to become your own boss, with large cash flow and wealth. This will in turn bring excitement and happiness because you will be following your passion.
  •  This is a course that will increase lateral thinking whilst having the support of the team to ensure that we are identifying solutions that mould the rules and regulations which still adhering to legal stipulations. 

  •  This is a course that offers access to finance processes to make your property work better for you. 
  •  This is a course which teaches you to create projects using multiple strategies including development applications, how to be a better landlord, manage managers and gives access to processes and flow charts to help you with tenant sourcing, choosing the right tenant and resolving issues with tenants. 
  •  This is a course which offers case study examples of single room rentals, holiday rentals, executive rentals, rooming houses and boarding houses, so you can see how others have increased wealth and replaces income. It allows for you to tap into a market of renters so that you can create positive cash flow as well as meeting the needs of a diverse community. 
  •  This is a course that simplifies the rules and regulations, making it easier for you to understand. If offers the processes to follow while ensuring 100% compliance within all jurisdictions, in all states and all industry and government bodies. It also offers referral to professional teams including insurance agencies, property agents, financial and legal specialists. 
  •  This is a course that allows for connection. With Ian and Christine, other industry professionals and the wider HI RES community members who have had or are having their own significant journey in growing their property portfolio, who are changing the perception of housing affordability, thinking outside the box and sharing tried and tested strategies. 
  •  Ian has developed this course with the intention to share his knowledge, with 100% congruence. He has an existing portfolio and he offers relevant and specific information that will turn around, not only your property portfolio but also your way of thinking. 
  •  This is a course that allows you to recognise and assist people in need of good accommodation that addresses the shortage of needed housing in the community.
Who Is This Course NOT For?
  • This course is not for people who don’t want to connect with others and put in the hard work.
  •  This course is not for people who want to see an overnight change.
  •  This course is not for you if you expect your life to change without doing some work.
It takes consistency and small incremental changes to see progress towards your vision.
Your Trainers
Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning

Ian Ugarte

Ian is a full-time property investor, who’s successfully combined financial success in real estate with a social conscience and doing good in the community at the same time. He is Australia’s leading micro apartment, rooming house and boarding house specialist, leading a movement to make these types of affordable housing available to people on limited incomes.

He’s an unstoppable serial entrepreneur, who has launched 23 businesses in the last 23 years. He holds 7 worldwide patents on sustainability and wastewater treatment, and sits on the board of the Future Housing Taskforce, where he’s helping to decrease the cost of housing and tackle the growing shortage of affordable housing.

Ian is working to shrink average building footprints and increase building density. He firmly believes that only private investors, not government, can meet the demand for affordable housing and he teaches property investors how to do exactly that and make healthy returns in the process.

Ian has presented to 105,000 people at his live events in the last 7 years, sharing his expertise in the property development, property investing and personal development fields. He’s driven by a passion to see others succeed and achieve their dreams, with their loved ones by their side.

Christine Manning

Christine has combined the structured and systems-focussed thinking she developed during her career as an accountant, with experience as a health practitioner and qualifications as an Associate Certified Meta Coach. As a result, she’s uniquely equipped to help her clients achieve their property investing, wealth, health, relationship and spiritual goals.

Together with husband Ian, Christine runs private mentoring groups and the couple have personally guided 559 students in the last 5 years, to achieve their property and life goals.
Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning are property experts with experience in:
• Sub divisions 
• Strata
• Renovation
• Rooming houses
• Boarding houses
• Vendor finance 
• Asset protection 
• Financing 
• Affordable accommodation 
• Micro apartments 
• House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)
• Design
• Modular construction
• Policy change
• Building 
• Plumbing 
• Architectural houseboats 
• Property education 
• Tiny houses
• Adaptable housing
Ian & Christine’s Turning Point
A decade ago, everything was going well for Ian & Christine. They were financially established, with a growing portfolio of investment properties. So they thought! Christine could not take time away from work to be with their young children. Ian had a job that he loved and was passionate about.

In 2010 it all came crashing down…

Ian’s job turned sour, the working environment now toxic, and he began to dread leaving for work each morning. His income was at risk, which was a problem since Ian & Christine’s property portfolio was very negatively geared – a black hole for cash. The banks who’d financed it were already banging on the door and it suddenly looked like they might lose everything. The stress of it all was damaging their previously strong relationship. Ian and Christine were miserable and in utter despair.
The High Income Real Estate System program is the brain child of Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning, who from humble beginnings turned their property portfolio from negative $36,000 to leaving paid employment within 13 months and they have continued to grow their income. They have spent the last 5 years working on and developing the Hi-Res Cash Flow System.

After much testing and coaching and working with of a handful of early adopters this system is finally being released to the public.
What you will gain?
  • This is not a limited 12 month course that you will leave with great enthusiasm and just work back into your normal life two days later. This is a life time membership that although will take work on your side you will have the tools, teams, and guidance throughout. 
  •  Taking the information and tools from the HI RES course will allow you to think outside the box with regards to your property projects. It will allow you to turn a negatively geared property into a positively geared one. 
  •  Be ahead of a movement which is tapping into a specific market and take advantage of tax deductions and incentives being offered by governments. 
  •  Create a passive income from the positive geared cash flow from your property.
  •  Attain large cash flow with a fully tenanted property.
  •  You will be helping to solve the housing affordability crisis in Australia. 
  •  You will have continued support with Ian and Christine and the larger HI RES community in your property endeavours. Questions will continually arise and the network of support will be consistent.
Real People, Real Results

Gloria Aslan

"Since joining Ian and Christine’s first work shop we have rocketed ahead with confidence and the belief that we could do it and we have. We bought our first high yielding investment property in October, and only 2 months later and have exceeded our own expectations. They are a wealth of knowledge and we are very lucky to have had the chance of being their students."

Melissa Fisher

"I have had Ian and Christine as mentors for around 2.5 years. Between the two of them they are a wealth of knowledge, and absolutely love to share what they have researched, learned and experienced themselves.

They both become a part of your team moving forward, and put their all into what they offer as mentors and leaders in their field. Their concept of the HI-RES program is brilliant, a very impressive program with win win results, again a direct result of the belief and dedication they have. "

Josh and Kara Collins

“Since joining the HIRES program in August 2016 we have completely changed our lives around! We are beyond grateful for the program and by September we had our first property sorted then mid September were onto the second and early 2017 our third. Ian & Christine really are amazing people who will go the extra mile for everyone. We have freedom, we have options, we have more time together as a family, That is absolutely priceless!”

Greg and Karen Kings

“We meet Ian and Christine 2.75 years ago. It has truly been a privilege to meet a man with such great passion for what he does and has an even “bigger heart”.

The passion and excitement that both Ian and Christine have given us with Ian’s visions, has allowed me (Greg) to follow my passion in property and to begin living a lifestyle that we had only ever dreamed about. When you love what you do people are drawn into this atmosphere, this is why we and many others including our kids, adopted kids, family and friends who have joined the journey, are in such a wonderful place today because of Ian ‘s passion, knowledge and willingness to share, which is so inspirational."
Ian talks to Deborah Hutton, TV presenter and founder of coaching company Balance.
 Sydney H.I.T. Weekend in 2018!
Limited Numbers!  Apply Now to Secure Your Seat.
Our Promise To You: you’ll love this course, or you’ll get 100% of your money back. If you advise us that this course is not for you within 10 days of purchase you will receive a full refund.
Is Anything Stopping You?
If you have read to here, it’s clear that you are interested. You want to create a property portfolio that is positively geared and help close the gaps on homelessness and housing affordability.

So… is there anything stopping you from joining?

Are you ready to change your money story? How long have you told yourself “I can’t afford this” or I don’t have the money?

The investment is less than the price of two coffees per week for a whole year.
Are you ready to change your money story? How long have you told yourself “I can’t afford this” or I don’t have the money?

(Hint:) Instead of asking yourself “Can I find the money?” ask yourself “HOW can I find the money?” … your brain will provide the answer to whatever question you ask, so make sure to ask empowering questions).

And remember to call Rebekah at our office on (phone 07 5450 8334) and she will be delighted to help you to figure out a solution.

If you are thinking, “I want to go but I don’t have the time to attend”, then can you imagine in 1 year from now how your life would it be different if you did? How much further ahead would you be in your Business? ? Investments? Your Life?

Imagine how being connected to the WHOLE community can support and help you to grow faster…

How much faster will you grow your portfolio of investments when you become aware of your investing motivations and emulate some of Australia’s top investors? 

You may have heard the adage, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”.

And one of our favourites by Tony.
“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent and committed decision.” – Tony Robbins
So what’s your decision? Are you ready to join us? 

Join other like-minded people in your HI RES community and THRIVE. You don’t have to do it all alone because we are here to guide you.  
Join us as a member of the High Income Realestate System (HIRES).
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Small is the New Big is the brain child of both Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning who, from humble beginnings turned their negative $37K property portfolio into one that enabled them to leave paid employment over a short one year period.

Over the last few years they’ve been working on putting together their High Income Real Estate System (HI-RES) program that includes their secrets and helps people maximise their financial potential while actively participating and working with governments to bring about affordable housing for everyday Australians.

They are Entrepreneurs bringing about both personal and social change.

Small is the New Big is the platform for that change.
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