An Exclusive High Intensity Training Live Event for HI RES Students!
Discover the A-Z system on how you can achieve high-income real estate using the HI RES strategies. Every property going forward can now be positive cash flow – forever!
Sunshine Coast 2020
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 
6th , 7th & 8th March 2020

Over the 3 Days you will:

 Explore HI RES Strategies for all States.
 Connect with the HI RES Teams from around the country.
 Learn how to stack multiple investment strategies to create cashflow and manufacture growth at the same time. 
 Get Involved - You will be put into groups based on the HI RES strategy you wish to implement and given REAL life deals to work through and come up with which deal is the best! This is hands on experience without the stress of it being your deal!
 See a LIVE Negotiation Rentrepreneur deal. 
 See what a Millionaire Make Over Looks like
 Do It For You - How you can purchase a finished end of the line HI RES Property.
 Understand how you can be successful with Short Stay & Executive Rentals.

This is just some of what you will learn and experience over the 3 Days of High Intensive Training. 
 This event is not to be missed and will accelerate your learnings and confidence in applying HI RES Strategies to your portfolio. 

All HI RES Students and their approved Partners are eligible for 1 x Free High-Intensity Training Weekend Ticket.

Revisit Tickets to this event are regularly priced at $495 however, for a limited time we are offering a special revisit price of $380 for 3-day events (Sunshine Coast/Sydney/Melbourne) or $249 for 1-day events (Perth/Adelaide).

We encourage all students to revisit H.I.T. events whenever they are able to as this is all about continual learning. These events are an opportunity to connect with the greater HI RES tribe in person, ask questions face to face with Ian, Christine and the HI RES team and soooo much more.

The content within these events is relevant and supportive of those students either working towards or with a current property portfolio and we update students of any changes in rules and regulations which will be relevant to your properties and the strategies you choose.  

We also deliver live presentations of updated case studies which allow for students to understand other options which may be relevant to you. H.I.T. Weekends are also an opportunity to introduce you to new HI RES team members and how we have brought a new program along to assist with extra hand-holding in any of your current or existing projects.

Remember that if you are a first-time H.I.T. Weekender your attendance is FREE, however, if you would like to re-visit there is a small but valuable fee of $380 for 3-day events or $249 for 1-day events.

Each HI RES student is encouraged to bring their confirmed partner (either married or defacto, family member or approved business partner). 

These are the only events being held in 2020. Seating is limited by venue capacity.
Sunshine Coast 2020
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 
6th , 7th & 8th March 2020
June 2020
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5 Reasons Why It’s Essential For You To Attend This H.I.T. Weekend
At this live event you’ll:
  • Connect with Ian and Christine
  • Meet the HI RES Team
  • Discover which types of properties are best suited to using the High Income Real Estate System.
  • Updated Case Studies
  •  Get notified of Legislation and Policy changes

Join us for this exclusive live event with Ian Ugarte &
The HI RES Team
About Your Speaker's
Ian Ugarte
Ian is a full-time property investor and Australia’s leading micro apartment, rooming house and boarding house specialist.

He's leading a movement to make these types of affordable housing available to people on limited incomes.

Ian’s an unstoppable entrepreneur, who has launched 23 businesses in the last 23 years. He holds 7 worldwide patents on sustainability and wastewater treatment, and sits on the board of the Future Housing Taskforce, where he’s helping to decrease the cost of housing and tackle the growing housing shortage.

Ian has presented to 105,000 people at his live events in the last 7 years, sharing his expertise in the property development and property investing fields.  Ian and his wife Christine are authors of the new book, Small Is The New Big.
Ian will also be joined on stage with the
HI RES Team - Experts in;

  • Local & State Legislation
  • Policy Advocacy
  • House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)
  • Rooming Houses
  • ​Short Stay Accomodation
  • ​Structures
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Feasibility/Numbers
Frequently Asked Questions
About Us
Small Is The New Big is the brain child of both Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning who, from humble beginnings, turned their negative $37K property portfolio into one that enabled them to leave paid employment over a short one year period.

Over the last few years they’ve been working on putting together their High Income Real Estate System (HI RES) program that includes their secrets and helps people maximise their financial potential while actively participating and working with governments to bring about affordable housing for everyday Australians.

They are Entrepreneurs bringing about both personal and social change.

Small is the New Big is the platform for that change.
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We can be reached at info@smallisthenewbig.com.au
or 07 5450 8334.
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